Printer for use with the GW range

GW-print Overview

The GW-print adds access code ticket printing to any GW hotspot gateway product. The ticket printer has an Ethernet interface and connects to the gateway's LAN network. A tablet computer or computer can be used to control the printer. Buttons are displayed on the tablet screen or monitor for up to 10 different access code durations. Touching any button causes the ticket to be generated and printed. The ticket printer is plug and play, simply enter the business information that should be printed on the ticket and the printer is ready to use. The printer uses low cost 58mm (2 ΒΌ") thermal paper that is available for point of sale printers from any office supply store.
avansu GW-print hotspot gateway image
Gateway Interface

Ticket Configuration Tablet print page ETHERNET
LAN RJ-45 10/100

Enclosure: W 5" x D 8.5" x H 4.5" 12 volt 110v/220v supply, 36W

1 year

Applications where the GW-print Hotspot Gateway has been deployed

  • Restaurant
  • Public library
  • Truck stop
  • Motel
  • RV park
  • Visitor center
  • Marina
  • Bus station
  • Train station
  • Music concert
  • Sports club
  • Gymnasium
  • Bookstore
  • Hotel
  • Resort
  • Shopping mall
  • Internet kiosk
  • Trade show
  • Church
  • Municipal office
  • Event reception
  • Student dorms
  • Contractors office
  • Flea market